308LSi Stainless Mig Wire 1.0mm



Nevinox 308LSi stainless mig wire in 1.0mm diameter and available in 0.7kg, 5kg and 15kg spool weights.

This filler wire is used to weld 19Cr 10 Ni, 304 and 321 type austenitic stainless steels and provides good corrosion and wear resistance.

Spool Weight/Diameter:

  • 0.7kg on 100mm (4″) spool
  • 5kg on 200mm (8″) spool
  • 15kg on 300mm (12″) spool

Typical Chemical Analysis (WT%)

  • Carbon 0.012
  • Silicon 0.85
  • Manganese 1.9
  • Chromium 19.5
  • Nickel 10.5


  • AWS A5.9 ER308 LSi
  • EN 12072 2000 19.9
  • Approvals CE, TUV

Additional information

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