Abracs Phoenix II Metal Grinding Disc



Abracs Phoenix II grinding discs are used for heavy duty abrasive grinding on metal surfaces and have an excellent product life.

These 5 star rated premium quality discs are suitable for use on a wide variety of materials including mild and stainless steel, iron, high grade steel and sheet steel.

Size (Diameter x Thickness x Bore):
100 x 6.0 x 16mm – PH10060DM
115 x 6.0 x 22mm – PH11560DM
125 x 6.0 x 22mm – PH12560DM
230 x 6.0 x 22mm – PH23060DM

Shape: DPC Depressed Centre (27)

All Abracs grinding discs are manufactured to EN12413 and OSA standards.