Argweld Weld Backing Tape (80 – 600 Amps)



Argweld weld backing tape from Huntingdon Fusion Techniques (HFT) is an adhesive, heat resistant aluminium tape that can be used in wide variety of applications including pipework, fabrication, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and ship repairs.

Part Amperage Length Weave
ABT0004 80A 25m – 81ft Light
ABT0005 160A 12.5m – 40ft Medium
ABT0006 240A 12.5m – 40ft Heavy
ABT0007 600A 12.5m – 40ft Heavy

The tape is 75mm (3″) wide and has a 25mm (1″) glass fibre tape running through the centre.

With HFT Argweld backing tape welds can be made faster, enabling a higher production output and lower manufacturing costs.

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