Electac MT900NI Portable Fume Extractor


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The MT900NI portable welding fume and dust extractor unit from UK company Electac has a double motor along with built-in spark trap and disposable filter cartridge which is 99.9% efficient for all particulate.

This cost effective and flexible fume extraction solution can be used for a wide variety of applications and is especially useful in areas where access is restricted by height or space.  

The supplied hose can easily be connected to a capture nozzle and secured by the magnetic base or with a MIG extractor torch to take the fumes directly from the welding space.


• Motors: 2 x 1100 watt
• Airflow: 390m3/hour @ 400mm WG
• Standard Efficiency Filter: 99% to 10 um
• High Efficiency Filter: 99.996% to BS 3928
• Hose Diameter: 65mm
• Hose Length: 3.75m
• Dimensions: 790 x 255 x 400mm
• Weight: 22kg

Machine Contents:
• Electac MT900NI fume extractor
• Pre Filter, Standard Filter, Hose

Optional Extra (Part 2028):
• 200mm fantail nozzle with magnetic base

Spare parts and accessories are British Made and readily available for all Electac models.

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