ESAB Warrior 400i Multi Process Air-Cooled Welder Package




With Warrior, You’ll be Ready for Anything

You’re not an ordinary welder. You need the right tool to master your work. With Warrior, you’ll get the arc welding features you need for any job and the unparalleled innovation you expect from ESAB. This multi-purpose machine is designed for MIG, Flux-Cored, Stick and TIG welding and ACAG – with up to 500 amps at 60% duty cycle.

Warrior Stands Tough…Yet is so Easy to Use.

Having power, gas, and control in an all-in-one bundle with quick disconnect will slash your set-up time and get you welding quicker. And, because they’re housed in a tough, protective cover, your cables will last longer. Plus, once you’re working, all your controls are right on the front panel for easy access. It even offers a sun-friendly display you can read outside, making your job simpler.

Outstanding Performance at an Affordable Price. 

Warrior offers increased energy efficiency, while also giving you more power from a lighter, smaller, and more portable unit. Simply put, it provides the functionality welders want at a competitive price. For long runs across a variety of applications, this machine works as hard as you do with a high-duty cycle. And, with total arc control – hot start, arc force, and inductance settings – you can optimize the welder for the job