Exact PipeCut INOX 220 – 110V

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Long-awaited Exact PipeCut 220 INOX
New Exact PipeCut INOX 220 is portable and handy tool for stainless
steel and acid-resistant material cutting. It is accurate and fast like other
EXACT machines and the laser pointer shows precise cutting point. It is
supplied with our new INOX 140 blade which provides the best performance in blade life. The gripper is redesigned and is equipped with
stainless wheels for preventing any corrosion or markings on most vulnerable pipe surfaces. INOX 220 is lightweight solution for high demanding pipe cutting and it can easily cut pipes up to 12.5 mm wall
thickness. Everything is packed to one carry-on bag with rollers, blade
and accessories.
PipeCut 220 INOX pipe saw, INOX blade, shoulder bag,
pipe supports 4 single, instructions, allen keys 5mm&2mm.



  • Pipe material: Stainless/Inox steel
  • Pipe cutting capacity (OD): 0.8″ to 8.7″ (20mm – 220mm)
  • Max. wall thickness: 0.49″ (12.5 mm) Stainless Steel
  • Current: 15 Amps (110-120 V), 1600 W (220-240 V) or 15 A (110-120 V)
  • No-Load speed: I (low) = 1900/min, II (high) = 2885 /min
  • Laser for cutting point definition : Yes, Yes
  • Traffic lights for overheat control: Yes, Yes
  • Blade diameter: 5.51” (140mm)
  • Mounting bore: 2.44” (62mm)
  • Weight: 25 lbs (11.5 kg)
  • Loading capacity of supports: 418 lbs (190 kg), 4 supports


  • Unrivalled Speed: Exclusively designed for stainless steel, the INOX 220 cuts pipes a remarkable 27 times faster than traditional angle grinders.
  • See it in Action: Watch the video showcasing the incredible speed and precision of the Exact PipeCut INOX 220.
  • Portable Precision: This tool is your portable and efficient companion for stainless steel and acid-resistant pipe cutting. The setup is quick and easy, ensuring a hassle-free experience.
  • Versatile Compatibility: The clean and user-friendly design allows for easy mounting on pipe sizes ranging from 20 mm to 220 mm (0.8″ – 8.7″) with a maximum wall thickness of 12.5 mm (0.5″).
  • Laser Precision: Just like all other EXACT machines, the INOX 220 features a laser pointer that highlights the precise cutting point on the pipe, guaranteeing accuracy.
  • Extended Blade Life: Supplied with the new INOX 140 blade, this machine offers unmatched blade life and performance compared to previous models, ensuring longevity and efficiency in stainless steel pipe cutting.
  • High Efficiency: With Exact machines, you can make up to 10 times faster cuts compared to other methods. The INOX 220 takes it a step further, allowing up to 10 times more cuts on stainless steel before the blade needs replacement.
  • Scratch-Free Operation: The redesigned gripper, equipped with stainless steel wheels, ensures a scratch-free operation, preventing contamination on the pipe’s surface.
  • Lightweight Solution: The INOX 220 is a lightweight yet robust solution for high-demanding pipe cutting, effortlessly handling pipes with up to 12.5 mm wall thickness.
  • All-in-One Convenience: Everything you need is conveniently packed into one carry-on bag with rollers, including the blade and accessories. Experience the freedom of easy and efficient stainless steel pipe cutting – invest in the Exact PipeCut INOX 220 today!


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Weight 11.5 kg




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