Flexovit Chop Saw Cutting Disc Steel/Stainless



These Inox / Metal cutting discs are part of the Flexovit Industrial Line range of chop saw blades from Saint Gobain.

The discs are designed for demanding tasks on steel and stainless steels, delivering burn and burr free cuts with long lifetime and high stability safety benefits.

Size (Diameter x Thickness x Bore):
• 356 x 2.6 x 25.4mm (14″) 66252918953
• 406 x 4.0 x 32.0mm (16″) 66252832996

• Free of iron, sulphur and chlorine
• High stability for straight cuts
• Reinforced for maximum safety
• Quick and free cutting
• Long wheel life

Type: Flat
Shape: F41
Speed: 80m/s
Standard: A 30 S-B41/80

Meets EN12413 classification and oSa approved