Jasic EVO MIG 250C PFC Compact Inverter

£1,496.00 {price excluding tax}

Jasic EVO MIG 250 PFC Compact Inverter

5 Year Warranty

Package Includes: Inverter Power Source, Trolley, 4m MIG Torch, 3m Earth Cable & Clamp, Argon Regulator, Gas Hose.

Inverter includes 0.8mm/1.0mm ‘V’ groove feedrolls.

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The Jasic EVO MIG 250 PFC (EM-250CT) forms part of the EVO 2.0 series welding inverters.  The larger brother of the EM-200CT, this machine take 15KG reels as well as 5KG and is on wheels with a gas cylinder mounting on the rear.  Designed as an uprated model of the very popular Jasic PRO series, the EVO MIG 250 has a stronger casing and a large LED screen with synergic setup as standard as well as a number of other exclusive features.  Still, the excellent Jasic build quality, weld quality, warranty, after-sales, and reliability.

Supplied with a Jasic EVO colour-coded 4m MIG torch, Argon regulator, Gas hose and Earth return lead.

Runs from a 32A 230V Mains supply or a suitable 110V supply


The key differences between the EVO MIG and the PRO range are as follows:

  • Even stronger robust casing with an aggressive look
  • Large robust LED screen displaying settings that are clearly viewable from a distance
  • Synergic set up as standard.  Enter material thickness, wire size, and material and the machine will set parameters to suit.
  • Interior LED light to illuminate the interior of the wire feed cabinet – see what you are doing.
  • Handy storage rack inside the wire feed cabinet to house spare rollers and tips.
  • Auto sleep mode where the machine will power down when not being used for excellent electrical efficiency
  • Fan on demand – reduces noise and energy consumption, where fan will only kick in when required.
  • EVO designed air passage for the effective cooling of components without introducing dust ingress into the workings of the machine.