JEI MiniBeast Auto Magnetic Drill



The JEI MiniBeast Auto magnetic drilling machine weighs only 13kgs and is available in either in 110v or 240v, making it ideal for site work and workshop use.

This machine has a 1000 watt motor and will drill 12mm – 35mm diameter holes up to a maximum depth of 50mm. It is secured in position by an 80mm x 160mm electromagnetic base.

• Internal coolant reservoir for maximum cutting life
• Self adjusting slide system for maintenance free operation
• Improved tool life – more holes per tool
• Compact size and weight

Technical Specification:
• Voltage: 110-120v or 220-240v (50-60Hz)
• Twist drill capacity: 12mm, twist drill set
• Cutter capacity: 35mm x 50mm depth
• Magnet deadlift: 980kg (on 25mm plate)
• Noise level: Does not exceed 90dB
• Vibration level: Less than 2,5m/s2
• RPM: Single speed 350 (loaded)
• Motor: 1000 watts
• Motor Travel: 70mm
• Magnetic Base: 80mm x 160mm
• Height: Min 307mm / Max 377mm
• Length 285mm / Width 221mm
• Weight: 13kg