JEI Pilot Pins For TCT Broaching Cutters



Pilot pins from JEI Solutions for the Turbo Tough TCT range of annular broaching cutters.

JEIPILOT1/TCTS – 35mm depth
Pin length 90mm x 6.35mm diameter
(For 12mm – 17mm TCT short cutter)

JEIPILOT2 – 55mm depth
Pin length 103mm x 6.35mm diameter
(For 12mm – 17mm TCT long cutters)

JEIPILOT1/8MM – 35mm depth 
Pin length 90mm x 7.98mmm diamter
(For 18mm – 65mm TCT short cutter)

JEIPILOT2/8MM – 55mm depth
Pin length 108mm x 7.98mm diameter
(For 18mm – 65mm TCT long cutters)

Pilot pins have several functions including accurate cutter positioning prior to drilling and ejecting the slug from the cutter when the hole is formed.

Tool life is also extened as the pilot pin draws back into the arbor and lets coolant reach the inside of the cutting teeth.

Quantity: Each