Lincoln Hyrod 7018 Low Hydrogen Electrodes



The Hyrod 7018 is a basic low hydrogen electrode from Lincoln Electric that offers full weld pool control, high productivity and virtually no spatter.

Size (mm):
2.5mm x 350mm (599206) 4.3kg
3.2mm x 450mm (599213) 6kg
4.0mm x 450mm (599220) 6kg
5.0mm x 450mm (599237) 6.1kg

AWS A5.1 E7018 H8
ISO 2560-A: E 42 3 B 32 H10
CE Marked

For use in all welding positions except vertical down

We also supply Lincoln Electric Hyrod 7018 electrodes in cartons that contain three packets whcih provides additional savings over packet prices.