Lincoln Linox 316L Electrodes VacPac



Lincoln Linox 316L rutile basic stainless steel electrodes can be used for AC / DC + welding and deliver a smooth weld appearance, minimal spatter, easy slag removal and high resistance to porosity.

The Linox 316L-17 electrodes come in a PROTECH vacuum pack and can be used in all positions except vertical down and provide good resistance to pitting, many acids and general corrosion.

Lincoln Linox 316L Product Sheet

EN ISO 3581-A E 19 12 3 L R 3 2
AWS A5.4 E316L-17

Available in single packs and cartons:
2.5mm: 2kg / 12kg | 90 / 540 pieces
3.2mm: 2kg / 12kg | 55 / 330 pieces