M8 Heavy Duty Contact Tip (MB25-MB36-MB501)


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Heavy duty M8 x 30mm long contact tips for use with MB25, MB36, MB38 and MB501 Binzel type mig torches.

Copper chrome zirconium (CuCrZr) contact tips maintain their shape at higher temperatures and provide increased performance over standard E-Cu tips.

Type: Heavy Duty (CuCrZr)
Length: 30mm
Thread: 8mm

Available sizes:

  • 0.8mm (0.6 Alu) M2511-08
  • 1.0mm (0.8 Alu) M2511-10
  • 1.2mm (1.0 Alu) M2511-12
  • 1.2mm (Alu) M2511-14
  • 1.6mm M2511-16

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