Mac Stain E102 Electrodes 310-17


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These 310 stainless steel electrodes feature a rutile coating for welding 25/20 chromium nickel heat resisting steels.

Ideal for austenitic stainless heat resistant steels including AISI type 310 and Firth Vickers Immaculate 5; the weld deposit provides good heat resistance up to 1400°C in air and 650°C in oxidising sulphurous atmospheres.

These electrodes are also suitable for welding stainless to carbon or low alloy steels; making them a great choice for foundry heat treatment applications.

Brand: Weldfast MWA
Electrode type: MAC Stain E102
Current AC/DC: DC positive (+)
Classification: AWS E310-17
Package weight: 4kg

Rod Diameter | Amps (A)
2.5mm 50-70A
3.2mm 70-110A
4.0mm 110-140A

Chemical Analysis (Typical values in %):

Carbon 0.08
Chromium 25.6
Manganese 2.39
Nickel 20.64
Silicon 0.68

Typical All Welded Metal Properties (as welded):

Ultimate tensile strength 695 N/mm²
Elongation 35-40%
Hardness 210 Brinell

Electrodes should be re-baked at 250°C for 1 hour if they become damp.

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