Parweld XTM 211Di Multi Process Inverter 4 in 1



The Parweld XTM 211Di is a single phase dual voltage 4 in 1 multi process inverter for MIG, AC/DC TIG, DC TIG and MMA processes on steels, stainless or aluminium materials.

The XTM211Di is perfect for workshop or site work and benefits include rapid synergic set up across all processes, pulse TIG function for superior arc control and 15kg (300mm) MIG wire spool capacity.

Parweld XTM211DI Product Data Sheet

Main Features:

  • Auto polarity switching
  • Large digital colour screen
  • HF start TIG
  • Pulse TIG function
  • Dual voltage 110V/230V
  • Rapid synergic set up MIG/TIG/MMA
  • Memory function for all processes
  • Burn back control function
  • Gasless wire function

 Technical Specifications:

  • Input voltage 110V/230V
  • Maximum current 140A/200A
  • Duty cycle 200A @ 25%
  • Wire size 0.6 – 1.0mm
  • Wire inching function
  • Feed Box 2R
  • Gasless wire function
  • Synergic function
  • Lift TIG/HF
  • Trigger latching

Standard Package: (XTM211Di)

  • XTM211DI multi process inverter
  • MMA leads
  • Twin gas hoses

Mig Torch Package (XTM211Di-P1)
(includes above items plus the following)

  • 3M 250A MIG torch (4 button control)
  • Gas regulator

Tig Torch Package (XTM211Di-P2)

(includes above items plus the following)

  • Pro TIG torch (3 button control)