Renegade ET 300iP

£2,800.00 {price excluding tax}

The Renegade TIG are inverter based High frequency TIG (HF) and MMA/Stick machines with extreme power to weight ratio. The compact format makes it easy to carry and bring to any jobsite. Combined with high duty cycle and the ability to run the machine on long mains and welding cable makes this a superior welding machine for both on-and off site applications.

The machine has an automatic input voltage sensor and can operate with any input voltage between 208V and 528V in 3-phase and 230V in single phase.


Tough jobs are your specialty. It’s why we created Renegade. Weighing in at 15-17 kg. (depending on the model), it’s the most compact and lightweight welder in its class – making it the definition of a field machine. With three handles, it’s easy to grab and go, push, pull, or just throw it over your shoulder and work comfortably with the padded shoulder strap. You can even get to those hard-to-reach areas and tight spaces, welding with ease.

Working in demanding conditions? Need a welder that can stand up to it all? Renegade offers the rugged power and durability you need. It runs 300 amps at 40% duty cycle with input welding cables up to 100 m – and even offers advanced multi-voltage capabilities. Plus, it can withstand impact – so if you drop it, no problem – and temperatures up to 55ºC. Parts are also robust, reliable and simple to connect and disconnect…again and again.

Soft yet distinct starts. Easy cable control. Quick set-up with little or no training. Renegade offers all that and more, including a faster read on your arc than what most machines can deliver. This means better control, higher travel speed, more stability, and virtually no spatter in Stick Mode. You can also set parameters and read them from a distance, in any light, with the intuitive interface.

Whether you’re TIG or Stick welding, Renegade has all the features you need. The Renegade family has three dynamic models: ES 300i for MMA, and ET 300i and ET 300iP for HF TIG applications and MMA. ET models are available with and without a water cooler. In fact, in less than a minute, Renegade can go from a water-cooled system hooked up to a cart to an air-cooled portable machine – all without tools


Voltage 230-480 V 3, 50/60 Hz
230 V 1, 50/60 Hz
Max Output 300 A
Stick (MMA) Welding Output 300 A / 32.0 V @ 40 % Duty Cycle
250 A / 30.0 V @ 60 % Duty Cycle
200 A / 28.0 V @ 100 % Duty Cycle
TIG (GTAW) Welding Output 300 A / 22.0 V @ 40 % Duty Cycle
250 A / 20.0 V @ 60 % Duty Cycle
200 A / 18.0 V @ 100 % Duty Cycle
Current Range 5-300 A
Power Factor at Maximum Current 0.96
Fuse Slow 16 A (400 V)
Energy Save Mode 88 W
Enclosure Class IP23
Application Class S
Certification CE
Dimensions, L x W x H 460 x 200 x 320 mm
Weight 16.9 / 26.9 kg

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