SWP Proline Air Fed Helmet Spares



All replacement spare parts for the SWP Proline air fed welding helmet are illustrated and relate to the following part numbers.

1. 3044HELM Shell c/w Face Seal
1a. 3044SEAL Face Seal
2. 3024 Outer Lenses (10 Pk)
3. 3044CLIP Clip (2 Pk)
4. 3044CRAD ADF Cradle
5. 3044SCRE Lens Retainer
6. 3039 Auto-Darkening Filter
7. 3020 Inner Lenses (10 Pk)
8. 3044BAND Headgear with Airduct
9. 3044SB Sweatband (5 Pk)

It is important to carry out regular visual checks on all SWP Pro line helmet parts to ensure they are functioning correctly. Replacement parts should be fitted as soon as any issues are identified.