SWP Proline PAPR Blower Unit Spares


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The following spares and replacement parts are for the SWP Proline PAPR blower unit.

1. 3044COV Proline Filter Cover
2. 3044GAU Gauze Filter
3. 3044PRE Pre Filter (5 Pk)
4. 3044P2 Filter
5. 3044BLOW Turbo Unit
6. 3044BATT Battery
7. 3044BLT Waist Belt
8. 3044HARN Shoulder Harness
9. 3044CHA Battery Charger
10. 3044TEST Air Flow Tester
11. 3044HOSE Breathing Hose
12. 3044HCOV Breathing Hose Cover

Regular inspection checks should be carrried out on the SWP Pro line blower unit and any worn or damaged parts should be replaced immediately.

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