TS200 DES/CF Diesel Welder Generator 110/230V 190A

£4,473.00 {price excluding tax}

  • AC generator Output – 4 kVA
  • Welding Output – 190 Amps
  • Diesel, Air Cooled Engine


TS200 DES/CF 190 Amp Diesel Engine Driven Welder Generator 190A (4kVA-230/110V) E/S – Stage

The Mosa TS 200 DES / CF Welder Generator (AC generator output – 4 kVA 230/110V) provides up to a 190 amp DC welding output using 2-4mm diameter electrodes. It has a dual range function and an open circuit voltage of 98V. Incorporated in the TS 200 diesel is a 12V battery, a battery charge indicator and this machine benefits from an electric start.

An advantage of this welder is its’ diesel , 4-stroke YANMAR L100N engine which runs to a high specification and is very efficient with a fuel consumption of 1.15 litres per hour. The engine output is 6.5kw (8.8 hp) and has the capacity to generate an accessible speed of 3000 rpm.

With a weight of 131kg, the Mosa TS 200 Diesel is easily transportable and is fitted with a protective wrap around frame enabling effortless handling. However, this welder does not conform to the latest EEC noise regulations.

Suitable for a wide range of uses including mobile welding, site fabrication, maintenance and pipeline construction.

Central to the success of Mosa Welder Generators is the Mosa asynchronous welding alternator.  This brushless alternator designed and manufactured in house by Mosa offers excellent welding characteristics and simultaneous AC auxiliary power and requires no maintenance as there are no brushes to wear and the solid rotor has no windings.

Advanced Welding Supplies are able to access an impressive back catalogue of spares, parts and accessories for the Mosa range.  This, coupled with the best build quality of Mosa machines, makes for machines that are built to last through servicing and repairs if required.


  • Current range, Dual Range: 20 – 100A   90 – 190A
  • Duty cycle (Intermittent): 190 A – 35%   160 A – 60%
  • Open circuit voltage: 98 V
  • Arc welding source in D.C. welding
  • Welds any type of electrode, including cellulosic
  • AC auxiliary current
  • Engine shut down for low oil level (oil alert)
  • Dry weight: 131 kg
  • Dimensions: 900 x 550 x 622 mm
  • Acoustic power LwA (pressure LpA):         99 dB(A) (74 dB(A) @ 7 m)
  • AC Auxiliary Power:  Single Phase: 4kVA AC / 230v / 21.7A |  Single Phase C.T.E / 2X2kVA AC   110v / 22.7A

Machine is used and approved by UK MOD, NATO and the London Underground.






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