Weldas Fire Fox Welding Helmet Hood



The Weldas Fire Fox flame retardant welding helmet hood has a velcro front closure and side panel fasteners for secure fixing to your helmet gear.

The flame retardant lightweight fabric cotton (305gr/m2) provides head and neck protection and the inner mesh lining is comfortable to wear throughout the day.

Blue (23-6680) (XL) (LV)
Orange (23-6690)

Head x Neck x Length (cm):
23-6680: 64 x 42-53 x 41
23-6680XL: 68 x 52-65 x 44
23-6680LV: 64 x 42-53 x 62
23-6690: 64 x 42-53 x 41

Retains flame retardancy for up to 25 washes