Weldstar Handheld Laser Welding Machine

£20,999.00 {price excluding tax}

  • 1500W Laser Welder
  • Up to 4.5mm
  • Weight: 39KG



A handheld laser welding machine suitable for welding up to 4.5mm metals, perfect for high production welding applications.  Laser welding is up to 4 times faster than traditional welding techniques and is a game changer in the world of welding.  Laser welding is not only faster, but can improve weld aesthetics and is incredibly easy to use.

A wire feeder, feeds wire of 0.6 – 1.2mm along a guide tube and introduces it to the laser beam to introduce filler material, much like a MIG welder or a TIG cold wire feed.  The machine takes 5 or 15KG spools of wire.

The resulting welds created with laser are high strength as well as neat, with minimal post weld clean up.  The heat affected zone from laser welding is generally smaller than using traditional methods too, so can increase weld strength.  The lower temperatures achieved minimise warping in thinner materials.

Supplied with power source, laser welding torch and wire feeder




Material One Sided Limit Welding Seam
Stainless Steel Up to 4.5mm
Mild Steel Up to 4.5mm
Galvanized Sheet Up to 4.0mm
Aluminium Plate Up to 4.0mm
Brass Up to 3.0mm



The lightest and smallest fibre laser welding machine in the world, the Weld Star laser welder weighs just 39KG and is encased in a compact robust casing.  An integrated cable reel stores the wire feeder cable for ease of transport.

The laser torch is lightweight at only 0.68KG, is compact in size and has been ergonomically designed for comfort.  The torch has been proven as the most comfortable, stable and easy to use laser welding torch of its kind.  With safety in mind, the design of the torch is such that it can be used continuously throughout the day.

  • Embedded with 24 pre set modes for various materials
  • So easy to use, that training can be given to a beginner within 30 minutes.
  • Advanced operators can set their own laser welding parameters for different material types and thicknesses and save jobs for later recall.
  • Beginners in laser welding can make use of the pre set parameters to achieve the same high quality, consistent and neat welding seams
  • A 7 inch touch screen is both easy to read and navigate.
  • Pre set modes include wobble parameters, suitable for wider welding seams and high tolerance for workpiece assembly fit up
  • What are wobble parameters?  The “wobble” of the laser effectively increases the beam diameter.  The movement of the beam creates a larger area which in turn increases the width of the weld.




Traditional Welding Method Weld Star Handheld Laser Welding Machine
Physical Hazard Arc radiation and smoke Low radiation, environmentally friendly
Welding Speed Slow and inefficient Up to 4 times faster than TIG and MIG
Quality Welding seam is rough and irregular, needs to be polished Good aestetic, perfect, neat welding seam, deep molten pool and high strength
Learning Difficulty High Low
Heated Affected Zone Large Low
Bending Deformation High Low
Welding Seam Damage With air holes, easy to weld through Uniform molten pool and good consistency
Welding Materials Limited by chances in consumables Wide range of materials


Size 667mm x 276mm x 542mm
Weight 39KG
Volume <0.1m³
Wavelength 1080nm
Operating mode Continuous and pulsed
Output power 1500W
Input voltage 220VAC
Wobble 0-4mm
Wobble Frequency 0 – 300HZ
Preset process parameters 32 Groups
Average Load Power6000W / 4500W



The Weld Star laser welder is manufactured by Max Photonics, a company with over 18 years in the laser industry.  It has been well tested in the UK by trained service engineers and is supported by Wilkinson Star in Manchester.  Demonstrations are available from their Manchester welding academy.  Furthermore, test pieces can be made if required and videos of the weld can be shown to interested parties.

Please note though, that laser welding does have some unique hazards which need to be accounted for when considered as a welding process.  For this reason, the demonstrations are not available on site and will need to take place in Manchester.  A provision of a welding enclosure should also be made, if the Weldstar offered bay is not purchase

Included in package