Weltek Navitek S13 Air Fed Welding/Grinding System

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The Weltek Navitek S13 air fed helmet system (CR58S13) consists of a clear vision ADF welding helmet with flip up for grinding tasks and Airkos PAPR blower unit that delivers clean filtered air for up to 10 hours.

The Navitek S13 has a large 100 x 67mm viewing area and benefits from clear vision technology that provides the operator with enhanced colour and contrast for a more realistic viewing experience.

The Airkos blower unit delivers clean filtered air at a rate of 180 – 220 litres per minute (LPM) into the helmet and features audible and visual alarms to indicate a low battery or clogged filter that needs replaced. 

Navitek S13 Welding Helmet and Airkos Blower Unit Spares


Navitek S13 Helmet:
• Flip up front for grinding tasks
• 160 degree side vision panels
• 5 – 8 / 9 – 13 variable shade
• 0.1ms switching speed
• 4 arc sensors
• 100mm x 67mm viewing area
• 1/1/1/2 optical class
• Technology : Twisted nematic
• Power: Solar
• Sensitivity and delay
• Grinding specification: EN175B
• Weight : 581g
• Warranty: 3 years
• Conforms to EN166B, 175B, 379

Airkos Blower Unit:
• Airflow speeds: 180 & 220 LPM
• Audible/visual alarm: clogged filter & low battery
• Sound Level: 60dB
• Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion 4 cell
• Running time: 10 hours
• Replaceable main & pre filter
• Filtration: PRSLTH2
• Specification: EN12941
• Weight: 1180g (blower unit, battery, belt, filter)
• Warranty: Blower unit 1 year / Li-ion battery 6 months

Airkos Maintenance Information

Supplied with a free storage bag

Part CR58S13

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