Weltek Navitek Shock Welding/Grinding Helmet

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The Weltek Navitek Shock KS58S4 all in one system consists of auto darkening helmet, grinding function and hard hat in a complete package.

This combination system is perfect for operators who regularly perform a variety of tasks and is suited to both workshop and on-site applications.

The welding mask can be locked in the up position to ensure your vision is not impaired or at risk of sliding back down when carrying out other activities.

Replacement parts are fully supported and readily available upon request.

Main Features:
• Hard hat manufactured in ABS to EN397
• Navitek combined helmet
• Headgear with reinforced ratchet
• Up lock position helmet
• Combined grinding clear vision
• Grinding certified
• Storage bag included

• 4 arc sensors
• 160° side vision
• Optical class : 1/1/1/2
• Switching speed 0.2ms
• Viewing area : 93 x 43mm
• DIN 5 shade on side vision
• DIN 9 to DIN 13 variable shade